Most people today use mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphones for looking at websites. Hence, in response to the mobile trend, most businesses have created, managed as well as published mobile websites in different web-enabled devices for recognizing the total number of prospective clients using phones. Practically these days there are mobile phones just everywhere with people browsing the web, talking or texting. In the event when an online business is not mobile friendly yet it will definitely cause them in losing potential customers. And with the endless varieties of mobile phones accessible with internet capabilities, maximum consumers are searching for getting information quickly.

The advantages of having a website that is mobile friendly

There are untold benefits of owning a mobile friendly website. These include,

Enhanced Mobile User Experience – Websites to be more precise mobile websites are designed specifically for handheld devices. This means it will perfectly fit to the screen and thereby enable users in surfing the website all around comfortably and easily. It is this surfing experience that makes clients have a good impression and also be satisfied with the owner of the site
Faster download speed- Owing to its specific design a mobile website will have a download speed that is unbeatable that means less waiting and more browsing. This will offer excellent mobile user experience

Add Specific Features – A mobile site will enable a company in adding specific features that will fit better with the needs of the customers. For instance the option of click to go. If one is searching a restaurant and are unaware of how they should get there they can look into their mobile phone for that particular restaurant, visit the website and click on the call option for booking or find directions and maps that will definitely make it simpler for the browser in locating the restaurant and preventing them from visiting to another place

Visibility – This is critical for a business because this is the key reason why one has a web presence, hence in order to appear within mobile search tools such as Google one should have a website that is mobile optimized else they will not be visible to potential clients

Bandwidth – While loading any mobile site, it needs less bandwidth, thus faster downloading speed is guaranteed. Besides, it will help one to save cost via reducing the usage of data

Improve SEO Ranking – Will a mobile website help to improve SEO ranking? Yes, it will. A mobile website will offer improved rankings on top mobile-friendly search engines like Google and Yahoo

Easier Navigation – a mobile-friendly site building on enhanced user experience will make navigation of the site on tablets or Smartphones much easier

Lower Bounce Rates – in case of a mobile friendly site one is sure to experience less bounce rate

Portability – Mobile devices are accessed more by users than their tablets or desktops. Hence, having a web design that is mobile friendly is the need of the hour so that customers online can access a website no matter wherever they are

The bottom line is for all those websites that are not mobile friendly yet should think twice.

Adam Das
Electrical Engineer by Fate, Digital Marketer by Choice. He has almost 6 years of experience in Organic SEO and other Digital Marketing techniques. He is the Main ThinkTank of Creative Filament