Pay Per Click Management

PPC Service in Kolkata

Creative Filament has been a trusted PPC campaigner with proven results in most of the projects delivered so far.


Pay Per Click Management Service in Kolkata

Abbreviated as PPC, Pay per Click is a paid marketing practice that is available with Google AdWords. It is a proven way to turn leads into positive business results. It is highly measurable and scalable. It allows the PPC experts to make the campaign targeted at reaching the potential clients. In the clear-cut manner, you must understand that this service allows you to pay only once when a visitor click at the advertisement that appears on the pages of Google search results. Since this is a paid service, therefore managing the account has been a crucial task that needs to be done by an expert account manager or the PPC experts themselves.

Creative Filament has been a trusted PPC campaigner with proven results in most of the projects delivered so far. We have a dedicated team of PPC experts who can handle all the related procedures with a greater amount of expertise. Our PPC campaigns have the following components:

• Analysis of every individual business
• Identification of goals of online advertising
• Establishment of a PPC budget that is generally monthly in terms of mode
• Creating an account for the business on Google AdWords
• Identification of the targeted keywords that suit your customer searches
• Writing advertisements
• managing the bids and optimising them accordingly
• Modification of keywords/ad copy as required
• Regular reporting

Benefits of PPC Campaigns

• Affordable in terms of cost
• Targeted as far as selection of areas on the globe is concerned
• Fast as the results are obtained rapidly
• Effective
• Quantifiable
• Within Budget as it allows you to select the cost by yourself

What is Unique about PPC Campaigns with Creative Filament?

Though services are available from a large number of PPC companies, there are some features that keep Creative Filament way ahead of others:

• Excellent team of PPC professionals
• Creation of high-quality ad copies
• On-time tracking of the conversions/ leads
• Split Testing
• Better bid management tips and techniques
• Personalized Google AdWords and Analytic Set-up
• Dedicated account manager
• Transparent and effective management of the campaign
• Periodic reporting
• Preparation of Plan of the Campaign

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